Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wind Chill

I woke up today knowing I was going to have to run. I was careful to think about things I might need: Running tights-check, light jacket-check, hat-check, shoes-check, running gloves-left in my locker at my gym shouldn't be a big deal its not that cold. HAHA So when I decided to run along the bike path for my 4.5 mile jaunt I forgot that the bike path is located along the lake. Winter chilling winds...winds that turn waves into beautiful icicles. While debating if I should cut my hands off to reduce wind burd I heard my ipod remind me that it doesn't like the cold. "Battery low" Thanks ipod, my only saving grace is dying. I sucked it up and when I hit the turn around point I found myself running INTO the wind...as if the wind at my back wasn't cold enough. On my way back I was a little cold and fatigued and I see two teenagers walking on the ice towards the water...meaning, the lake is FAR from frozen over. 'Oh great, Jameson is gonna have to save some lives when hes already tired and cold.' Luckily by the time I had ran out of view they were still above the ice so I didn't have to save any lives.


  1. Hi Jameson,
    Ha ha, thank God you didn't have to play hero when you were frozen yourself:) I hate running in the wind too! It is the worst when it just whips you right in the face!! Ouch and brrr:) Good job on your run Mr. Tough Guy!!

  2. Check out my blog. You have been tagged! Now you tag 12 people!

  3. I was wondering, "Now how is he running on the bike path in January?" Then I realized, "Oh yeah, this is Vermont. It only snows in DC and points south this year."

  4. That really sounds cold. Good job for running anyway. The wind can be deadly sometimes. Here in South Africa we don’t get winters like that so this is very unfamiliar to me.

  5. I bet you won't forget those gloves again. Or at least keep a second pair around for an emergency.

    What where they thinking by going out on the ice? At least another run complete and you still have your fingers.


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