Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Brett Favre of blogging

Guess who's back?  Back again, Jamo's back, blog to a friend...guess whos back, guess whos back, guess whos back....bonus points for naming that terrible song.

So no I never claimed I was retiring from blogging, but twice now I've made the mental commitment to begin blogging again and completely failed (Favre).  This isn't a New Years Resolution (I don't believe in them) because it is still 2010.  Either way this Christmas was one to inspire me to get back into running more/blogging.  The family made off with about 34 hours of child labor worth of Nike gear (tasteless yet true.)  Hopefully the wages have been improving because I thoroughly enjoy all things Nike.

Anywho, my lovely sister Sweatonceaday got me a Garmin 305 for xmas...legit right?!?  Added to yak tracks, head band, gloves, hoodie, shorts, tech gear I probably have no excuse to not get out and run right? So although I haven't been running, I have been getting my swell on.  I took a month break from athletics after my May marathon, and had a nice eating span of "it's fine, I just ran a marathon"  like 6 weeks worth of post-26.2  SOOO I needed to reshape up.  I've been hitting the gym, and hard for a while, but I've been avoiding running, why?? Good question.  Laziness? I dunno, but it is so expensive/hard to keep lean muscle on, and run, the two just don't go hand in hand.  "Hi yes I'd like to burn 600 calories a day running, another 400-500 lifting, and also be putting on a pound of muscle every few weeks or so while working full time." Unless my nutritionist is Dr. Steroid it is probably not going to work out.

So today I threw on some new gear and went for a nice run with my recently injured sister.  Which was advantageous because we did 3 miles @ 9min/mile.  (I haven't run in well over a month)  My triceps have been looking delight though. (Taken Christmas morning, wait til a Wed. (Arm Day))