Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Life As A Giant

All my life I've been dealing with the difficulties of being a larger than average person, and no I'm not even that tall.  I'm 6'3" which is tall, but I'm not a 7 footer.  So when I had my first car, a Volvo station wagon, I would accidently kick the door compartment everytime I got out of it, and only this past summer have I upgraded to a roomier spacier Ford Escape.  The vehicle on the right is a version of my car, but not my actual automobile.  (I wanted an offroading picture to illustrate manliness)  So anyways onwards with the story, and how it relates to physical activity.  I was smart and got a warranty with my "Ape" (EscAPE, ye you get it) and the deal is, if the vehicle must be held overnight for repair, I am given a complimentary rental vehicle.  So I decided to pick the rental the morning after my car was housed, just so I could drive it to the gym to do my back day (top 5 favorite workout days of the week...I only work out 5 days/week).  So being that I was getting a free rental to go to the gym, it seemed stupid to have a roomie/friend drop me off, SOOO I decided to run to pick it up.  It is just a few miles away and on the way to the gym.  I talk to a guy on the phone, oddly enough also named Jameson, and he says yeah come by whenever.  So I run there and there is a great sign on the door "HERTZ Rental be back ASAP"  great, so I stretch out on this busy road and hang out waiting.  The other Jameson explains how the basic rental is what comes.  Last time I rented a car, the basic rental was a Jeep Compass.  SO anyway, he tells me yeah this Chevy, leather seats etc cool, it turns out to be a Chevy Aveo, See pictured below.  I only had the car for about 8 hours or I would have taken pictures of myself driving in it or preferably it being run over by a small truck (it is just that small)  I had the seat alllll the way back and I was still scrunched up.  Of course there were 3-4 in the parking lot, and I'm given the BRIGHT red one, like Marilyn Monroe lipstick red.  Such is life.  YEah pretty much same color as below.  I had to laugh the whole time I was in it, I must have looked absurd.  So point in case, what is up with people picking on the poor tall people?  I guess I cant complain, a free rental is a free rental.  But it happens other place, I was playing basketball in Boston a little while ago, and I was picked first because of my height, I wasn't the best player, don't get me wrong I'm silky smooth, but the real talent was picked after me.  One of these days the world will even out.