Monday, January 3, 2011

First Run 2011

IDEAL run: Wake up, alert, nourished, properly hydrated, put on shorts, a tech tshirt and running shoes and dominate some 60 degree weather with a fast in shape.

ACTUAL run: Wake up super hungover, swear at yourself for agreeing to do a race on New Years Day, contemplate vomiting, decide to save it for a runner who tries to pass you.  Wipe pizza off of your face, drink as much water as is tolerable.  Put on clown costume, be out of shape, put on running shoes, hate your life.  Run a 5K.  Don't get beat by people pushing strollers(somehow I accomplished this).

 Colleen, Myself and Tina.
 688 runners stupid enough to wake up on New Years Day and run.
 Tina and Colleen being pretty.
 "Best Gift of 2010" AWWWWW precious, but she didnt beat me