Thursday, May 27, 2010

We have a poll

Be sure to vote, there is money riding on this for somebody, I will accept late names to, but they have to be pretty epic to be accepted late...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I expected more entries than I've been seeing, update me with a possible name for my personal training business, remember there is a prize involved.  I thought prizes were more appealing, come on guys.  Regardless, gimme a name, it doesnt even have to be that creative.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Contest Confession!

Okay there's no confession, I just like alliteration and the contest is still ongoing.  Again, we're looking for a name for my personal training business/website.  So again we're talking about personal training, fitness, strength, my name is Jameson, I like running, cycling, skiing, basketball, LOVE the color blue (not relevant to logo name), I live in Vermont.  I repeat Jamuscleson has already been taken.  Well, I've already come up with it at least.  Also, if you know how to incorporate something that can use tiger stripes let me know.  Although a logo with a tiger on it with a impala leg in its mouth might not scream "Jameson the gentle giant"  but hey you can't win them all.  So ye oh yes...prize... the prize is a $10 gift certificate to  If the winner has no love for shoes, clothing and athletic gear we can always change it to something else, as the giftcard will be send via email...but what are you doing on my fitness blog if thats not the case??  So the first round is to submit the name to me via, one entry per day, enter as many times as you want.  Brownie points if you suck up to me or get more followers.  If your title is "Jameson's Training" welllll you didn't win.  I'm sure some of you have some creativity.  So after all submissions have been taken, I will have a place to vote for your favorite name.  So you decide who wins in the end.  And yeha...sorry but I had to post a picture of me flexing...a few of you have been asking, and yes I am about to kiss my right bicep.  His name is Benjamin Franklin.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Contest Alert!!

Thats right ladies and gentleman!  We have a contest here.  What comes alongside a contest?  Losers!  Just kidding, well there are losers.... but, there will also be a winner.  Now this is going to be a two stage thing.  But, let me explain the contest first.  So basically, as I get moving along with my personal training and do more off-site training/grow in general, I need to have a name for myself.  So to que you in I'll give you background to kind of help you come up with creative names.  So my name is Jameson, I'm based in Vermont, I run, bike, eat junk food, drink beer, lift weights.  My specialties include core, stability, strength, weight loss, sport specific and I use a mix of humor/positive encouragement to really push my clients.  So give me names, we're talking for my website (to be made by a friend/client) business in general, etc etc... Sooo I don't want Jameson's Training, to be one, and for those who were thinking it, I've already used Jamuscleson as a pickup line, so you can try to stick muscle into my name....but its been done.  So give me some creative ideas.  Thats phase 1, phase 2 will be the judging.  So I will select 4-5 or however many I end up really liking and make a voting section.  Everyone will vote, the number 1 vote-getter wins.  So what makes it a contest...the prize.  A $10 giftcard to   So to actually submit a name, send me an email, one per day to  Give me a business name to that email, and you will then be submitted, secret bonus If you get people to follow me and tell me so in my comment section, I will probably read you 2-7 word names much more intently.  Also anything that I can put tiger stripes on for a t-shirt would be cool.  Look how excited I can make people!  Lets continue the trend!  So what's nice about this gift card is I can email it to you, so nothing sketchy with home addresses for those of you who are nervous as to whether I'm an axe murderer or not.  Also feel free to email me with fitness questions in general and hopefully I can help out!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Last week I set the world record of Jameson in distance running. I ran a whopping 17 miles, which was a personal best. This made me feel good that I have finally run such a long ways, I'm hoping to run 20ish this week, barring my foot lets me. so for my 17 mile run I parked along the 7 mile Burlington bike path. So when you go to the end and back, its a total of 14 miles. So I was parked around the 5 mile mark and went to mile 0. So when I got to my car the first time I had gone 10 miles, time for some Chocolate Outrage Gu, I'm getting ready to order that stuff in bulk. I went to the opposite end which is the 7 mile mark, and then went about a half mile farther. So when I went by my car the SECOND time (mentally almost impossible) I had gone 15 miles, I continued another mile to North Beach and turned back. I was so close to wanting to stop and walk, but I never did. I wanted to soooo bad. This run was more grueling mentally then it was physically. Not that my legs weren't really tired and lame, but this really tested my mental endurance/will as well. My breakfast was a slice of the pizza you see below. I made it on a whole wheat crust, we have turkey pepperoni, onion and peppers loaded with a 5 cheese blend. YUMMY!! So this piece along with the chocolate outrage lead me to crushing this beast of a run. The picture of me post-run, is also post-shower as well. I wish I looked this good right after finishing the grueling run. But it was not the case. I also made a stuffed bread with turkey pepperoni/tomatoe sauce and mozz cheese in the middle. This was for after I ran my bootcamp on Friday, the one where I almost puked while instructing...yes I whoop people's butts. How delicious does this look?!? Also I biked to work 3 times in the past 2 days (I work odd shifts) for a total of about 58 miles, also today I biked to work for only 1/2 hour of work, that took willpower. All I wanted to do was call in and say sorry dudes, no can do.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Basically going to do a post on random facts about myself...and questions for you to answer...why? Because I'm on hour 12 of my 13 hour day, and all I have to do is guard this front desk. (earlier hours were more difficult, had to guard a bigger desk, AND attempt to make my elderly client laugh, easier than expected, he was from NY and wearing a Red Sox t-shirt. ZING! Too easy...but no seriously, this man had the poker face of the century)


1.I was kind of editing my blog the other day, and noticed today that the coloring matches the colors of my BRAND new bike (before I bought it) Blue and yellow, match made in heaven? With red accents....somebody is on to me...

2.Although I have a new bike I miss the bike I built last summer, 26 in. mt bike frame, custom paint, BMX cruiser handlebars and a single speed built for hilly VT...also no brakes (dont let the brake lever confuse you) foot over the rear tire was the way to go. Not built for performance, but pretty eh?

3. My first marathon is 26 days away, I'm behind on miles and nervous.

4.I have secretly been planning out
my post race meal, onion rings, chicken fingers, cupcake, fresh chocolate chip cookies (anyone need my home address for May 30?)

5. Any recommended cycling shorts from anyone? Been looking at Ibex, but the wool part is confusing me for cooling, damn you smartwool.

6.If there are checked bag fees because the plane's weight needs to balance, why don't people have to pay tickets based on weight? (not counting those who have to buy 2 seats)

7.I am secretly addicted to Lady Gaga. (so catchy...are you kidding me?)

8.I have ideas for a sweet contest/giveaway so keep checking in to see when this pops up, HINT: Its going to be soon.

9.If you like techno/house/dance etc...and maybe are into dubstep, check out Panty Raid-name of band doesn't reflect harsh lyrics, parental discretion not advised, bass discretion-bump the subs.

10. I'm designing a possible 5k training program/running club at my local gym. May help me force myself to workout if others are paying to do it...similar to my bootcamp, getting paid to workout as hard as I can is awesome. Otherwise I can lose motivation.

11.Isn't it funny that some personal trainers need personal trainers?

12. I respect any and all who can wake up @ 5AM 5-6 days/week and just CRUSH fitness.

14.I skipped 13 cause its unlucky.

15. Give me some inspirational words to make me really get my butt in gear for the marathon!

16.As I was rereading this for editing I realized my marathon was 26 days a way! 26 miles... .2 26 days?? coincidence? maybe.

17.And my mountain bike frame was 26 inches...I either need to stop editing or just run this darn race.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bike lovers-read

Saturday I woke up bright and early 7:00 am, mind you I also went out the night before, carbo loading on bud lights and switchbacks. Either way, I went to the skirack bike swap which opens @ 900, everyone told me to wake up @ 6 if I even wanted a decent bike. I walked down, stopped to get a coffee and was there by 7:30, second in line. I thought I had the wrong date or something. I met a guy named Doug, who at one point owned 13 bikes at once...nice. People filed behind us, looking for a variety of kids bikes, road bikes, wheels, tri-handlebars etc...when the doors opened I was finishing my second cup of coffee and was overwhelmed. I get to all the used bikes that people had brought in...okay whats the size of that, is that too expensive the time i had developed a method i had watched some beautiful treks, specialized etc... run away from me, granted they all look to be a tad bit too small. I'm looking for 60 CM, and thats not a very common size. I'm getting discouraged, I'm ready to buy just about anything, because I want a road bike darn it. So I stumble upon this yellow and blue beast... I look it over, and I start to notice a few things. I realize I'm looking at the opposite of a junker. This epic Serotta was to be mine. How did nobody else find this in the first 13 minutes?? God I lucked out. I walked the bike around and various employees and fellow bike seekers drooled over my new whip. I paid 700 for the bike, and 60 for pedals and shoes. The frame itself is worth more than double what I paid for the whole package. Today I rode it to work, 10 miles, then ran 5 miles, trained a client, and then biked the 10 back. So since Saturday I've put on about 40 miles, not a lot, but considering i dont have cycling shorts, a helmet, or a waterbottle holder attached yet, I figure its not bad. I WILL TAKE BETTER PHOTOS SOON!!