Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Contest Confession!

Okay there's no confession, I just like alliteration and the contest is still ongoing.  Again, we're looking for a name for my personal training business/website.  So again we're talking about personal training, fitness, strength, my name is Jameson, I like running, cycling, skiing, basketball, LOVE the color blue (not relevant to logo name), I live in Vermont.  I repeat Jamuscleson has already been taken.  Well, I've already come up with it at least.  Also, if you know how to incorporate something that can use tiger stripes let me know.  Although a logo with a tiger on it with a impala leg in its mouth might not scream "Jameson the gentle giant"  but hey you can't win them all.  So ye oh yes...prize... the prize is a $10 gift certificate to http://www.eastbay.com/.  If the winner has no love for shoes, clothing and athletic gear we can always change it to something else, as the giftcard will be send via email...but what are you doing on my fitness blog if thats not the case??  So the first round is to submit the name to me via jhalnon@gmail.com, one entry per day, enter as many times as you want.  Brownie points if you suck up to me or get more followers.  If your title is "Jameson's Training" welllll you didn't win.  I'm sure some of you have some creativity.  So after all submissions have been taken, I will have a place to vote for your favorite name.  So you decide who wins in the end.  And yeha...sorry but I had to post a picture of me flexing...a few of you have been asking, and yes I am about to kiss my right bicep.  His name is Benjamin Franklin.


  1. I vote Jameson's Training. Did I win?

  2. Hi Jameson,
    I will see what I can come up with this weekend:) Benjamin Franklin...what? Is there a story behind this one?

    Happy weekend!


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