Sunday, May 16, 2010

Contest Alert!!

Thats right ladies and gentleman!  We have a contest here.  What comes alongside a contest?  Losers!  Just kidding, well there are losers.... but, there will also be a winner.  Now this is going to be a two stage thing.  But, let me explain the contest first.  So basically, as I get moving along with my personal training and do more off-site training/grow in general, I need to have a name for myself.  So to que you in I'll give you background to kind of help you come up with creative names.  So my name is Jameson, I'm based in Vermont, I run, bike, eat junk food, drink beer, lift weights.  My specialties include core, stability, strength, weight loss, sport specific and I use a mix of humor/positive encouragement to really push my clients.  So give me names, we're talking for my website (to be made by a friend/client) business in general, etc etc... Sooo I don't want Jameson's Training, to be one, and for those who were thinking it, I've already used Jamuscleson as a pickup line, so you can try to stick muscle into my name....but its been done.  So give me some creative ideas.  Thats phase 1, phase 2 will be the judging.  So I will select 4-5 or however many I end up really liking and make a voting section.  Everyone will vote, the number 1 vote-getter wins.  So what makes it a contest...the prize.  A $10 giftcard to   So to actually submit a name, send me an email, one per day to  Give me a business name to that email, and you will then be submitted, secret bonus If you get people to follow me and tell me so in my comment section, I will probably read you 2-7 word names much more intently.  Also anything that I can put tiger stripes on for a t-shirt would be cool.  Look how excited I can make people!  Lets continue the trend!  So what's nice about this gift card is I can email it to you, so nothing sketchy with home addresses for those of you who are nervous as to whether I'm an axe murderer or not.  Also feel free to email me with fitness questions in general and hopefully I can help out!!


  1. I have no idea but good luck with finding a name!

  2. Hmmm, I will have to think about it! Maybe I will be able to think of something for you:)

  3. OMGosh all the ones I have swirling in my brain are so lame. There's got to be one good one in this brain of mine, right?



  4. every once in a while I can come up w/great ideas. I'm stumped.... I'll keep it in the back of my mind and let you know if I have a lightning bolt of an idea.


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