Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Basically going to do a post on random facts about myself...and questions for you to answer...why? Because I'm on hour 12 of my 13 hour day, and all I have to do is guard this front desk. (earlier hours were more difficult, had to guard a bigger desk, AND attempt to make my elderly client laugh, easier than expected, he was from NY and wearing a Red Sox t-shirt. ZING! Too easy...but no seriously, this man had the poker face of the century)


1.I was kind of editing my blog the other day, and noticed today that the coloring matches the colors of my BRAND new bike (before I bought it) Blue and yellow, match made in heaven? With red accents....somebody is on to me...

2.Although I have a new bike I miss the bike I built last summer, 26 in. mt bike frame, custom paint, BMX cruiser handlebars and a single speed built for hilly VT...also no brakes (dont let the brake lever confuse you) foot over the rear tire was the way to go. Not built for performance, but pretty eh?

3. My first marathon is 26 days away, I'm behind on miles and nervous.

4.I have secretly been planning out
my post race meal, onion rings, chicken fingers, cupcake, fresh chocolate chip cookies (anyone need my home address for May 30?)

5. Any recommended cycling shorts from anyone? Been looking at Ibex, but the wool part is confusing me for cooling, damn you smartwool.

6.If there are checked bag fees because the plane's weight needs to balance, why don't people have to pay tickets based on weight? (not counting those who have to buy 2 seats)

7.I am secretly addicted to Lady Gaga. (so catchy...are you kidding me?)

8.I have ideas for a sweet contest/giveaway so keep checking in to see when this pops up, HINT: Its going to be soon.

9.If you like techno/house/dance etc...and maybe are into dubstep, check out Panty Raid-name of band doesn't reflect harsh lyrics, parental discretion not advised, bass discretion-bump the subs.

10. I'm designing a possible 5k training program/running club at my local gym. May help me force myself to workout if others are paying to do it...similar to my bootcamp, getting paid to workout as hard as I can is awesome. Otherwise I can lose motivation.

11.Isn't it funny that some personal trainers need personal trainers?

12. I respect any and all who can wake up @ 5AM 5-6 days/week and just CRUSH fitness.

14.I skipped 13 cause its unlucky.

15. Give me some inspirational words to make me really get my butt in gear for the marathon!

16.As I was rereading this for editing I realized my marathon was 26 days a way! 26 miles... .2 26 days?? coincidence? maybe.

17.And my mountain bike frame was 26 inches...I either need to stop editing or just run this darn race.


  1. i like planning my post race meals too... and the drinking too... good stuff to look forward too :) thanx for stopping by !

  2. Remember what I said...you are a cool bad ass!! You are going to do just fine on that marathon kiddo:) Keep the faith!

  3. Anyone planning their post race meal so far in advance is certainly ready for the run itself. Just relax and enjoy. You'll do great.

  4. #4 --- I'd be worried if you WEREN'T planning your post race meal!!! ;) I'd send you some of my famous choc chippers -- not so "fresh" after 3 days in the mail though. ;)

  5. Yeah, no worries on missing the miles. Trust the training that you DID do. You'll knock it out.

    #15: Only 0.1% of people (or americans?) have ran a marathon. Be special.

  6. I'm with Julie on this one- you ARE a super cool badass! I must get in on this people paying you to work out thing.

    You own one super cool (badass) bike, too. I am converting a sucky Mountain Bike for a triathlon. My jealousy knows no bounds.

    Have a great weekend:)

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog. 26 days until your first marathon. Dont worry to much about it its going to be great. You will do fine. I also have GAGA stuck in my head but only the Cartman version of pokerface. HA

  8. I would get bibs over shorts, I like Endura and Pearl Izumi personally.

    One of my favorite motivating quotes is

    "If you doubt you can accomplish something, then you can't accomplish it. You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through."

  9. Trail races in SA are awesome, but there are not as many as you might think. Hundreds of road races. Trail running is growing very fast.

    I'm more a cricket fan than rugby or soccer, but the whole country is in soccer hype. Your team have a better chance than our's to progress to round 2.


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