Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I really am TRYING....mancave


Slowly getting back onto the blogosphere.  Been super busy with work/training so yeah.  Besides RUI's, running under the influence... I've been working out a lot, running with a training client, and making my personal mancave/workout room in my house.  The roomie and I put up a heavy bag in the middle of the room, brought a nice stereo down, brought in an easy bar, and adjustable dumbbells with over 200 pounds in plates so we're pretty set there.  I had an exercise ball and purchased another.  We also have a SHAKE WEIGHT!  Amen that the roomie got that for his birthday, because a mancave/workout area would NOT be the same without it.  I've been on a consistent workout routine for the past month and a half and I'm finally beginning to be pleased with it.  All I can do now is keep on training and hope for more results.  Ive been working for helping out at triathlons, which has been quite an experience.  More on that in a future post.  For now, here are photos of my roommate and myself training, aka flying/dragon kicks.  You never know when we are going to be attacked and the only solution is to leap into the air to kick an attacker down.  As you can see I created two sneaky exercise ball holders, aka string, that keeps them out of the way.  We have to throw a big shoutout to Walmart, where we purchased our decorations.  Ironman posters, transformers posters, boondock saints, nikesoccer poster was commandeered a while ago.  Of course we have a map of the world because we are YoPros, aka Young Professionals.  Side note, I'm in the blue, roomie is in the white, his head isn't in the photo because he jumped so darn high.