Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Donkey Calf Raise <----- is super functional and hillarious. I dont understand why I dont see more people doing this. As a personal trainer I would actually suggest to people to not do this, for the obvious risks of the load on your back and the risk of one or both parties (or all three) getting injured. As you can see the picture from Ahnold and his buddies, it will get you very strong, but again, just dont do this exercise, unless you want to and fine, who am I to stop you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

R&R Rest and Ribbon

Today was a rest day, I worked from 9-5:30 and then came home to enjoy a Pabst Blue Ribbon while watching some football.   Something like .9 grams of protein/serving, now thats a protein shake.  But in all honesty I'm terrified for day 3 of the Spartacus workout.  I hope I dont puke, because this time I'm doing it during gym hours.  Exercise 7, as seen to the left, is a side lunge dumbbell touch.  Not only are you doing a lunge, but you need to have the dumbbells tap the floor.  I find it virtually impossible to not cheat when doing this one.  ONLY cheating myself.  Exercise 8 is alternating dumbbell rows in pushup position.  This is one of those "fun" ones where I definitely realized my core is being pummeled.  It is difficult to not cheat and roll side to side to assist with the row.  It is very satisfying to do though.  You realllly feel it working.  Ladies is lifters too.  Crush it all.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My "Home" Gym

Besides the free membership working at a gym certainly has a perk. For instance: Having the boss trust you with a key and allow you to work out 24/7 if you want. This means that after hours I have access to more equipment than I could possibly imagine buying. With my current workout it is nice to be able to set up all 10 stations in a row and not have to worry about being in other peoples way. In fact as I sit here the music I put over the stereo (great system) is still bumping while I sweat in my bosses chair typing this up. Clipse is always good to crush to. So with this "Spartacus workout" I figured I'd be more prepared for my second session, false, I still overestimated weights (when trying to aim low) and thought I may barf all over my beloved home gym floor. Here is station 3: One Arm Dumbell swings. After doing goblet squats and mountain climbers my legs are pretty darn fatigued. Throw in a 20 pound dumbbell and putting stress on the shoulder, Im in serious pain. I had a realization during my second of three sets today that every exercise is blasting the core in some way or another. Take a look at station 4: T pushups...You do a pushup with dumbbells in each hand, then twist your body to form a slanted T (Think Jesus) and you have to bring the dumbbell in a controlled motion up. AKA death. But seriously, if you think you're in good shape, try doing this insane set of lifts. I will show the next 6 in the upcoming 3 days...If I dont die and give up....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Spartacus pt. 1

Here are the first two moves of the "Spartacus Workout." The first one is called a "goblet squat" in which you hold a dumbbell inbetween your hands and squat. It doesn't have to be that heavy of a weight to really hurt after 60 seconds.

The second station on the circuit is mountain climbers. You balance on your hands and alternate bringing your knees to your chest as fast as you can. Tonight we dine in hell. Crush Sparta.


A little background about my personal fitness. I ran cross country in highschool, but I'd be lying if I said I was exceptional or that I took it really seriously. I went into college eager and ready to have a great time, fitness was certainly pushed to the back burner with the steamed veggies while the bacon and sausage were roasting in the front. I went into college a extremely lanky 6'3 165 pound bean pole. By the end of my freshman year I was rounded out around 185. I had taken a weight training class for gym credit so that kept me modest and the protein in Long Trail Blackberry Wheat may have been helping me. Sophomore year was another story, I found myself in an interesting place in my life, with a carte blance dining hall and weekends filled with drinking and dominos I ballooned to 215 pounds. So in the course of two years I gained 50 pounds. Lets be clear here though, at 165 I was wayyy under average, so all in all I gained 25-30 pounds that my body certainly did not need. Complimentary to the workout I will be discussing in a little bit, there was something hillarious that changed my life. I don't know if it was my desire to be fit again, or some kind of homo-erotic tendancies coming out, but when I saw the movie 300 (jacked guys half naked) I went to the gym for 14 days straight. I picked up running again and was crushing everything I could in site. I can't say that I stopped partying, but when my friends were gorging their faces in breakfasts burritos, I was running 2-3 miles on the indoor track and then lifting afterwards. I brought myself down to a fit 180 and have been doing well sense...**....Fast forward two years, I have maintained being in shape with some fluctuations in weight but going to the gym is certainly a common occurence for me. I'm graduating college and have been crushing beach muscles with J-mwenz. I liked being in the gym, I liked training with others, and I truthfully felt I could be a good teacher or coach for others. I take a course and pass the NSCA CPT exam (National Strength and Conditining Association Certified Personal Trainer) I will discuss more of this in later posts. Last night I had a realization that although I'm in shape, I may be pushing clients to a level that I may not even work at. So I decide to really push my self, "The Spartacus Workout." Not based on 300,(actually a t.v. show about Spartans) but it is a workout designed to get a Spartan body (duh). I am now one session through, out of 24. The workout consists of 10 stations, 60 seconds at each, 15 seconds in between, and 3 sets of the whole circuit. I was way to close to puking after, and I tell you, I am in pretty good shape right now. Practice what you preach. Crush what you teach.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So overdue it hurts

I have been beyond lazy when it comes to creating this blog. I've been thinking of starting one since god knows when. I guess once my mom beat me to the punch I realized it had to be done. And a few months after that, shes now blogging daily and here I finally go. First off I thought I would let people in on one of my workout secrets. Now it may not be apparent from the previous few sentences but this blog is going to focus around my life through fitness. I can NOT live without an Ipod. Especially when working out. So my first workout secret: Pretty Lights!
Pretty Lights is an artist that pulls samples out of different songs, to create musical masterpieces. Since this can be considered violation of copyright....its all FREE!! Free to download with no chance of being arrested or apprehended. He makes money off of his shows and shows alone.
Having been to one of his shows I can attest that yes they are the colorful and that upbeat. PERFECT music for when you need to crush weights or stack plates. Today is chest day, one of my favorite days, blasting chesticles is always very satisifying. I bought a jumprope last night, 9 foot Harbinger speed rope. Will change my life forever. Seriously, go download it all! Bench press time.