Sunday, January 24, 2010

R&R Rest and Ribbon

Today was a rest day, I worked from 9-5:30 and then came home to enjoy a Pabst Blue Ribbon while watching some football.   Something like .9 grams of protein/serving, now thats a protein shake.  But in all honesty I'm terrified for day 3 of the Spartacus workout.  I hope I dont puke, because this time I'm doing it during gym hours.  Exercise 7, as seen to the left, is a side lunge dumbbell touch.  Not only are you doing a lunge, but you need to have the dumbbells tap the floor.  I find it virtually impossible to not cheat when doing this one.  ONLY cheating myself.  Exercise 8 is alternating dumbbell rows in pushup position.  This is one of those "fun" ones where I definitely realized my core is being pummeled.  It is difficult to not cheat and roll side to side to assist with the row.  It is very satisfying to do though.  You realllly feel it working.  Ladies is lifters too.  Crush it all.

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