Thursday, January 21, 2010

So overdue it hurts

I have been beyond lazy when it comes to creating this blog. I've been thinking of starting one since god knows when. I guess once my mom beat me to the punch I realized it had to be done. And a few months after that, shes now blogging daily and here I finally go. First off I thought I would let people in on one of my workout secrets. Now it may not be apparent from the previous few sentences but this blog is going to focus around my life through fitness. I can NOT live without an Ipod. Especially when working out. So my first workout secret: Pretty Lights!
Pretty Lights is an artist that pulls samples out of different songs, to create musical masterpieces. Since this can be considered violation of copyright....its all FREE!! Free to download with no chance of being arrested or apprehended. He makes money off of his shows and shows alone.
Having been to one of his shows I can attest that yes they are the colorful and that upbeat. PERFECT music for when you need to crush weights or stack plates. Today is chest day, one of my favorite days, blasting chesticles is always very satisifying. I bought a jumprope last night, 9 foot Harbinger speed rope. Will change my life forever. Seriously, go download it all! Bench press time.

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  1. Every day is chest day. And btw I own a 9ft Harbinger speed rope, it hangs between my legs


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