Friday, January 22, 2010


A little background about my personal fitness. I ran cross country in highschool, but I'd be lying if I said I was exceptional or that I took it really seriously. I went into college eager and ready to have a great time, fitness was certainly pushed to the back burner with the steamed veggies while the bacon and sausage were roasting in the front. I went into college a extremely lanky 6'3 165 pound bean pole. By the end of my freshman year I was rounded out around 185. I had taken a weight training class for gym credit so that kept me modest and the protein in Long Trail Blackberry Wheat may have been helping me. Sophomore year was another story, I found myself in an interesting place in my life, with a carte blance dining hall and weekends filled with drinking and dominos I ballooned to 215 pounds. So in the course of two years I gained 50 pounds. Lets be clear here though, at 165 I was wayyy under average, so all in all I gained 25-30 pounds that my body certainly did not need. Complimentary to the workout I will be discussing in a little bit, there was something hillarious that changed my life. I don't know if it was my desire to be fit again, or some kind of homo-erotic tendancies coming out, but when I saw the movie 300 (jacked guys half naked) I went to the gym for 14 days straight. I picked up running again and was crushing everything I could in site. I can't say that I stopped partying, but when my friends were gorging their faces in breakfasts burritos, I was running 2-3 miles on the indoor track and then lifting afterwards. I brought myself down to a fit 180 and have been doing well sense...**....Fast forward two years, I have maintained being in shape with some fluctuations in weight but going to the gym is certainly a common occurence for me. I'm graduating college and have been crushing beach muscles with J-mwenz. I liked being in the gym, I liked training with others, and I truthfully felt I could be a good teacher or coach for others. I take a course and pass the NSCA CPT exam (National Strength and Conditining Association Certified Personal Trainer) I will discuss more of this in later posts. Last night I had a realization that although I'm in shape, I may be pushing clients to a level that I may not even work at. So I decide to really push my self, "The Spartacus Workout." Not based on 300,(actually a t.v. show about Spartans) but it is a workout designed to get a Spartan body (duh). I am now one session through, out of 24. The workout consists of 10 stations, 60 seconds at each, 15 seconds in between, and 3 sets of the whole circuit. I was way to close to puking after, and I tell you, I am in pretty good shape right now. Practice what you preach. Crush what you teach.

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