Saturday, January 23, 2010

My "Home" Gym

Besides the free membership working at a gym certainly has a perk. For instance: Having the boss trust you with a key and allow you to work out 24/7 if you want. This means that after hours I have access to more equipment than I could possibly imagine buying. With my current workout it is nice to be able to set up all 10 stations in a row and not have to worry about being in other peoples way. In fact as I sit here the music I put over the stereo (great system) is still bumping while I sweat in my bosses chair typing this up. Clipse is always good to crush to. So with this "Spartacus workout" I figured I'd be more prepared for my second session, false, I still overestimated weights (when trying to aim low) and thought I may barf all over my beloved home gym floor. Here is station 3: One Arm Dumbell swings. After doing goblet squats and mountain climbers my legs are pretty darn fatigued. Throw in a 20 pound dumbbell and putting stress on the shoulder, Im in serious pain. I had a realization during my second of three sets today that every exercise is blasting the core in some way or another. Take a look at station 4: T pushups...You do a pushup with dumbbells in each hand, then twist your body to form a slanted T (Think Jesus) and you have to bring the dumbbell in a controlled motion up. AKA death. But seriously, if you think you're in good shape, try doing this insane set of lifts. I will show the next 6 in the upcoming 3 days...If I dont die and give up....

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