Sunday, February 14, 2010

Singles Awareness

I get it, really I do. Its a day for love its a day you show someone you care, but why not 24/7 365. Thats all for me and ranting. Yesterday I did a 4 mile run (my long run in the first week of my May marathon training.) It went pretty well considering I hate running on treadmills. To cope with my annoyance of constantly knowing time and distance I threw a sweat rag over the display. Take that.


The reason I now have two points over treadmills is that I broke one by running too fast a week or two ago. So after my run I celebrated my singleness in downtown Burlington. That picture shows roughly what I wear when I go downtown on a regular basis. Kidding, it was halloween. Anyway, now I'm at work a little hungover (sorry mom). Maybe I shouldn't give her the ability to follow my blog... Well anyway I am at a gym so I could try to get motivated and then workout after, but I'm thinking rest day. It is Valentines day so I should so something I love, which brings me to either cooking a good meal or working out, or both. Decisions...


  1. What training plan are you using?

  2. Hi Jameson,
    I just read the comment that you left for Jamoosh and it made me laugh!! Your blog makes me laugh too:) I can't wait to read more! I wish my nineteen year old son would let me follow his face book and my space...not a chance:) I hope that you had a great weekend")

  3. Enjoy what you can while you can! Even being single. The cooking thing sounds good.


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