Thursday, February 4, 2010

Genes & Jeans

Unbreakable (pt 2).... I have to thank my mom for my genes as I have found myself to be unbreakable yet again. I was testing out my renovated gym during some employee only time and was pushing myself on the treadmill (side note, I hate treadmills). I kept building up speed, warming up @ an 8:30 pace and doing a pace 30 seconds faster every 5 minutes, I did this until I was cruising at a 7 minute pace, at that point I blasted 2 minutes at a 6 minute/mile pace and backed off to a 8 minute pace. Really wanting to push it I pushed it up to a 5:30/mile pace, and noticed the treadmill shaking vigorously. After crushing that set, I backed off to a 8 minute pace and cooled down. I stepped off to find the supports on the treadmill weakened.



So I have to thank AJH for these genes, that have let my jean size shrink in the past couple years. (Except when I get into hulk mode, then I still stretch them out)

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