Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hidden Runs

Today I was at my gym looking at Map My Run and I was looking for a nice 6 miler to do. I found a loop that was along a main trucking route and on a busy road where cars go way past the speed limit. One of my coworkers told me about a 6 mile loop that is on the "Ti Trail." The Ti Trail is a trail that the Ticonderoga (ship) was brought out of the water and taken to the Shelburne Museum. Its a beautiful trail that viewed the awesome frozen lake champlain and held 4 white tailed deer today as I was running. I was more than pleased with this awesomeness. At the end of the run I was dissapointed though because my foot has been killing me...solution: having your boss be a physical therapist. God I love free advice, he gave me pointers on my running gait and explained to me where I may have been messing up my stride. Thanks Brian.


  1. I don't think I do know this trail. I would love to do it with you but how will it be with snow? My "injuries" are better since my race.

  2. Heheheh.. I just had to forward to your sister because I thought it was very protective of you.. FYI I email your Mom and sister on a weekly basis, we are old friends now :)

  3. I love it when I see deer on my runs:) It sounds like you had a nice six miler. How lucky to have a PT as a boss!!


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