Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sugarbush Vt. The least snow in the East

While my lucky a** sister is dealing with Snowmaggedon down in D.C. Im dealing with Ver'y-warm'mont. The news keeps telling me about record snows that are hitting the North East...well I live in the damned NE and we havent gotten anything for what seems like years!! I'm praying for snow, it is in the forecast, but enough already. I finally went for my first trip to the mountain today. I had no idea what to expect. I ended up finding 20 degrees, no wind, and SUPER fast snow. I haven't even put my boots on since last April so I wasn't sure what to expect. After two sketchy turns I was buzzing down the mountain looking for the best terrain. Second run I find some mogels and pop in and out of those with ease better than I remember in previous years. Maybe finally doing awesome leg workouts has paid off! I had been eyeing these tight knit woods near the top of the mountain on Sugarbush (yes even though we have had a recent melt) and I just had to try. The snow wasn't too icy so I figured hell I'd try it. I entered the woods and remembered the dangers of glades and realized I'd forgotten my helmet. (sorry mom) I took some turns and was able to find some fresh (most likely wind blown) powder so I enjoyed myself. I also found holes where I could see streambeds, and exposed roots and rocks...which may explain the new dings to the bottom of my skis. The end of my tree skiing experience was a sketchy looking narrow chute with a drop at the end, trying to pinpoint my location I couldn't remember if the drop was going to be small or big. I slid down the chute a few feet, didn't see any rocks and dropped blindly into this open trail. Epic. God I miss skiing, I need to get as much as I possibly can in before mid April. I'm glad I didn't end up stuck in a tree.


  1. Don't forget the helmet next time.

  2. Well now that is something I’m not familiar with at all. There are a few places in South Africa where you can ski during winter but even that is for a limited period only. In Johannesburg it snowed 3 times in the last 46 years and I’ve never lived anywhere else.

  3. OK - Let the secret out; you are a stunt skier?


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