Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greediness/ Cross Training

Well I'm barely into my marathon training and I already have some minor tendonitis, time to be extra careful and really focus on my stride and landing. Last night I ran for about 3 minutes for my 3 mile run...close enough? (P.s. I didn't do 3 miles in 3 minutes) My local ski resort stole a good 36" of snow out of the sky yesterday so I had to make a trip there today. Sadly it was already up to 34 degrees F (thats above freezing folks) that means that the precipitation was rain, I got soaked! I was able to find refuge in the woods, oh glorious woods. A whole 20 inches had fallen since the resort closed shop the night before. That meant that with enough searching I could find fresh lines and fast chutes. I was doing laps on this one trail Tumbler Woods, sounds so inviting eh? I kept pushing more and more towards out of bounds. My last run of the day I spotted this epic shoot, trees lining both sides, and about 100 yards of untouched "powder" (sticky heavy powder.) It was more than worth it, although sticky, it was steep enough that I was cruising and I wanted to scream out as if this was my last run ever. AWESOME. I get to the bottom of this chute, yepppp I ended up off of the beaten path. I find myself looking more out of bounds to my right, and a hill to my front and left. I opt for trying to find my way back to the "trail" aka the woods. The snow as I said was super heavy, so I couldn't lift my skis out of the snow (up to my waist (I'm 6'3.)) I take my skis off, well I ended up deeper. Chest height easily. I truthfully got a little worried how far I would have to go. (also wish I had a camera to document this) I had to use my skis like snowshoes for my hands, putting all my weight on them and lifting each foot up and pushing my self into this packed chest deep powder. I had my ipod on through this, and I went through about 2 lengthy songs (10-12 mins total) before I had advanced back to the trail (75-100 ft) I don't want to calculate my milage for that...56 minute miles? Prob even worse than that. I also did leg strength training the night before...foolish.


  1. Now I"m going to worry that you are going to disappear in deep snow some day!

  2. Hi Jameson,
    You better be careful out there:) You are pretty darn tall! Did you by any chance play basketball?


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