Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So when I was weight training three years ago, I did biceps, triceps, sometimes chest, some ab machines, lat pulldown and calf raises... To say it was a full body workout was ignorant to say the least. I stepped it up in the year after, I was doing intense ab workouts, chest, back, biceps, triceps, and running a lot. I however still neglected to do my legs because since I was running 10-20 miles a week I figured I was pretty good on legs. However, as I worked towards my trainer certification and the months leading up to me deciding to be a trainer, I realized I had to suck it up and do legs. I have bad knees and in general have done little weight training for my legs. Since deciding to do legs I have done tons of stability leg exercises on bosu balls, (half dome thing, turned upside down, one legged...yes very difficult) and I was able to work my way to standing up on a large exercise ball. I was doing squats, lunges the whole 9 yards. I had done a little bit of leg press and I usually did it following a heavy lift or during an intense workout, I had never really tested my max. Well, today I had an unbreakable moment. (Bruce Willis, Unbreakable) In the video Bruce adds more and more weight and does an inhuman bench for his size. Now I'm not saying my leg press is inhuman, but when I began I started at a low weight and kept adding and adding. So I started with 90 pounds, it was cake, so I went to 180, and then 270, 360, and I ended up leg pressing 450 pounds. There are plenty of people who can press much more than me, but as I sat there, I was aiming to do 200 max...So when I ended up adding 250 pounds to that, it felt pretty good. (side note, that is not a picture of me on the right.)

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