Monday, February 1, 2010

Maple Muscles

The hardest thing about exercise besides making yourself do it, are those other temptations. I found mine just last night. Maple Blondie Ben and Jerries ice cream...It took over me, it is everything I want and more. So if I want to avoid getting cottage cheese legs and a turkey chin, I will probably have to avoid it. To make matters worse, as I was sitting at my job earlier, I found a coupon for a free pint of good ol' Ben and Jerry. So I will probably have to indulge...again, and of course I was lazy today and skipped my spartacus workout and did a quick 25 minutes instead. Avoid it, but its so good.


  1. Didn't realize this was named after Hannah Teeter. Cool. It is my duty as a Vermonter to try some.

  2. Yeah, it absolutely is, then maybe they will make it more than a limited batch!


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