Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lemme Upgrade You

With my newfound job I found myself with two more "home" gyms (fitness club owns two facilities.) I can use these gyms when I want, with whatever kind of workout I wanted, without waiting, complaining, or having to give a bag of sand if someone doesn't like my music choice. I have been at this club for a month. I knew I was given a great oppurtunity. Great people, huge client base, and two facilities. Now this first picture is what my gym looked like before the renovations took place. WAY in the back of the picture is the cardio area, hanging from the ceiling are televisions from 1998 I believe. Some are basically black and white, all are small and have horrible sound, the lighting is dim and the atmosphere is not very pleasant. In the front of the picture is the weight training area, I don't have any updated pictures of the improvements from the weight training room, but think carpeting, lighting, better equipment layout, and new paint to brighten the mood up. Looking at the cardio room picture, you can see that there are 42" flat screen t.v.'s, new lighting (esp on ceiling aimed at walls) and the atmosphere is much better. As I said before, wait until I put up a photo of the weight room from after the renovation. It crushes, it dominates, and you will explode out of your tight t-shirts when blasting pecs and delts.

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