Thursday, March 11, 2010


Who remembers elementary school? Does anyone else besides me remember trading? Someone had some oreos somebody else had some goldfish...boom-trade. Sick of your power ranger toy? Jeff has a ninja turtle...well there ya go. Those times were awesome, you aren't paying for new things, but you are trading something of yours for something else thats new! Well I have been tackling the trading market lately (no not stocks.) I am aware that I lack flexibility so I was interested in trying out Yoga, so I traded a personal training session with a super nice yoga instructor for an introductory lesson. Both were fun and it didn't feel like work. That was wicked cool. Last week the massage therapist from one of my gyms was heading out of town, I walked her two adorable yellow labs and played catch with snowballs, I got my first ever professional massage for walking two dogs? I probably would have paid to do that. Also she is my running coach and she is awesome. Look at that picture! Is walking those guys worth a massage, if you answered no you are 1.a robot 2.a cat or squirrel 3. afraid of cute creatures or are married to a swiss male/female world renowned masseuse, and even then you prob want to walk these guys. Well anyway, trading talents has been awesome for me in the past week (walking dogs isn't really my talent.) So I guess all thats new is my week has been relaxing, despite working til 9 PM 4 nights a week, and starting work @ 9 am 4 days a week, I get a break but yeah, its interesting, and I work 6 days a week...god I had short shifts, by what I just posted you would think I worked 60 hours, wrong, I'm just hovering around 40 hours. I have been craving Ben & Jerries ice cream cake! I started creating a remix today (yes if it is hot fire I will post a link.) This has a lot to do with my 24inch imac I purchased on tax free day. So take-away message for the night? If you have a talent, go trade it to save both of you money, you get something out of it, and you are helping somebody else. (No sexual jokes please, okay fine, I'll probably laugh.)


  1. Hi Jameson,
    Wow, you got a hell of a deal:) You had your first professional massage and you got to play with super cute yellow labs!!

    Hey Jameson....just in case you didn't know...tomorrow is Friday!! Woo hoo, the weekend is almost here:)

  2. I'd say you scored on that deal. I trade woodworking skills for stuff with friends on occasion. I am delivering 3 wood window valances, that I made, this weekend for a snow blower I traded for.

  3. I've always been a bad trader. Those labs look great!


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