Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Son of a female dog

Today was a success, as in I ran 3 miles FINALLY. It has been far too long since I ran anything, and I know its gonna be a little bit before I'm back on my marathon training schedule...aka prob not until after the marathon. I am participating in the Global Warming My Ass 6.66 Mile Run I was hoping to win, but I had a problem with my running today (besides an injury) I decided to take my friend's dog Cora for a run. She isn't slow to say the least. she is pretty darn fast in fact. When you take her for a walk, you are pulling with all your might to hold her back, and her owner even has a special collar that makes it uncomfortable when she pulls (terrifying without it) so yeah shes a pretty athletic dog. She is a pitt/boxer mix and as scary as she looks to some people she is a sweetheart. Well anyway this b*tch (female dog) is super athletic and I was like hey I'm gonna run a personal best for 3 miles. She towed me down a couple of hills and then I found her other big trait-curiosity, and no shes not a cat. Every squirrel, fellow dog, or cat that we saw, resulted in an abrupt change in direction that almost knocked me over several times, and by the time I had her back on course some other dog would appear with its owner ready to tango. I should add, those hands in the picture are mine, and NO I'm NOT choking a dog. Not that this machine of a canine would feel it... Anyways she went from pulling me down hills to pulling me towards squirrels 2 parking lots over, so overall I would say my run was more like 4 miles and I got in a great upper body workout trying to maintain this beautiful beast. She is fairly small, I dont think she weights anything more than 35-40 pounds, but pound for pound (ONLY MUSCLE) she is probably matched up to any dog out there. Side note- all things weight lifting/personal training are going great. 3 miles-30 minutes, at a 8:30 pace...how is this possible?? Just ask the dog...


  1. Hi Jameson,
    So, it appears that Cora gave you a nice workout! Look at how sweet she looks sitting nice on that chair:)

    You had a pretty nice time considering that you are injured..nice job!

  2. My dogs don’t know how to behave when I try to run/walk them. I’ve given up completely on the “run with the dog” idea.

  3. Is that really the name of the race?! That's Hilarious!!
    Love the dog....maybe I should invest in a dog to pull me up the hills...

  4. What a beautiful dog. Interesting way to cross train.


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