Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get Some!

What a GREAT DAY!!! I was outside and it was simply glorious. I hung out on the waterfront in Burlington and it was epicly gorgeous out. I had run an easy 2 miles earlier in the day and I was satisfied, I'm going to do 20-30 minutes of jump rope after work with some strength training as well. I'm trying to catch up with loss time (not too much, don't need to re-reinjure myself. But when its nice out like this I dont know if I can stop myself from running regardless. Here's a picture of some of my buddies from senior week last year. This is on a trip to the waterfront, and this picture about sums up how gorgeous it was today. The highlight of my day, besides the epic weather, was a young man training for....something. I was walking down to the waterfront with my friend Kat and this guy ran by us, saw a rock stepped on jumped off and continue running. Sleeveless shirt, basketball shorts, and questionable running shoes. We went on without thinking and we reached the boardwalk and saw our bud again. He was in a TRACK START POSITION, and ran a solid fast sprint (25 yards max...6 seconds probably?) Horrible pace, and he was hysterical looking. After that he ran over to a tree jumped up and as he swung he did one pullup...that was all (not the strongest or sexiest tool in the shed (his vert sucked too.)) He was heading over to a bike rack and I got giddy with excitement. "This guy is gonna do dips on the bikerack." Correction: Dip, uno, one. At this point I'm dying with laughter and kicking myself for not bringing a camera (we had already discussed this just because of the weather, long before we saw young Hercules.) He looked like the fellow with the chinstrap off to the left...give or take a few pounds, sans chinstrap, and a MUCH more intense workout face. As a personal trainer perhaps it is my right or DUTY to help this guy out, but all I could do was stare and laugh (hello gates of hell). I respect people trying to get in shape, but when you are making a fool out of yourself in front of 20-30 people doing exercises to show off that aren't impressive...well you're on your own. I mean after every sprint this guy was making noise like he had just won the Olympics, Vermont 2020!! Man that'd be sweet, maybe someday. God I love spring, brings out the best and worst of the winter shutins.


  1. Hi Jameson,
    My are we not a happy camper today:) You are right about how good weather can just put you in the best mood!! Funny story about Mr. Stud...I am surprised that you didn't offer your services:) You got to give the guy credit for trying and secretly thank him for the humor and amusement he supplied for you and your friends:) I hope that you enjoy the rest of your week Jameson!

  2. That's a funny story! Would have been great pics. Glad you getting some nice weather. Enjoy!

  3. Hilarious! I see similar things now that the weather breaks, just not as funny as this.

  4. It is always tough as a personal trainer. I always feel like it is my "duty" to help people. But sometimes you just know they won't listen, so it seems pointless. Is the experience the same for you as a male trainer?

    Oh, and you are totally going to hell. If nothing else, your Mom is going to spank you! :)

  5. I lived in Northfield, VT for 19 years - I know what you mean when it comes to spring time. Not a problem now - GA. Hang in there, hopefully you will see a summer this year.


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