Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

So all in all it has been an interesting past few days. College basketball has stolen most of my time so I neglected running, and since I got tickets to the UVM/ Boston University game I ended up drinking in the morning to prepare (sorry mom). So Saturday was good, I hung out with some kids who I graduated with and hadn't seen in a bit and we drank classy beers like Labatt Blue Light and Busch. We brought our friend Morgan to the game, he is a great captain afterall. So UVM ended up winning the game, we ended up rushing the court, and I had several people tell me they saw me on national t.v. and I ended up seeing myself when I watched sportscenter that evening. Probably the main reason I was lucky enough to be on it would be due to Marcus Blakely.
I can't try and tell anyone that
this is the first time that Marcus has made an opponent get on their knees and bow to him. Either way, if he hadn't have dunked and kept something replay worthy for sportscenter, my hopes and dreams go down the drain.

Those videos are a taste of what Marcus does to embarrass people.

Back to me though, so I felt pretty worthless today, so when I woke up and cleaned it was a good start, I made a bbq cheeseturkeyburger pizza with peppers and onions...yum, and I went for a run in the rain which was actually very satisfying, I stopped by my gym for some quick repetitions of the old iron. I used the speedbag, did some endurance work, and crushed 50 pushups (last 2 were questionable.) So all in all it was a good day in the end.
Yellow and green hat, would be yours truly, not a shot of my beautiful face, but take what you can get!


  1. Fun game to be at that's for sure!

  2. #1 - Labatt Blue Light is amazing.

    #2 - Holy crap! I just made the connection that you and Emily are siblings. Awwwwwwww!

  3. Haha, I've also just made a few blogger connections. Looks like fun overall.

  4. Labatt Blue & Busch, that is classy! You are a celebrity. Great job on the rain run!

  5. Hi Jameson,
    We also watched the b-ball games this weekend!! It is one of my favorite sports followed by hockey:)

    So you busted out fifty push-ups...I can only do thirty-five and then I am toast:) I am working on it and hope to be as cool as you soon!!

    Have a great week Jameson!

  6. Ye connections to be made, it was kind of annoying that every member of my family posted the picture of me before I could...stealing I would say.


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