Thursday, March 4, 2010


I ran a mile on Monday and my calves are STILL in serious pain. Granted I haven't been abiding by the rules of a day off MEANS a day off. I've been training clients, jumping on and off bosu/versa balls and doing different strength training including my lower body. How do I get back Ontrack? P.s. thats one of the gym's I work at. Anywho, I am struggling to get back on the running train, granted its painful to do. If I take time off, I get furious at myself for not running. If I run and hurt myself more, I'm screwed.

So I need time off, but I need to be active, if I could be anywhere right now, it'd be in perfect health at Yosemite either running or hiking with my mates. To the right is a photo of me coming down Half Dome (With style.)

Good side note-I haven't done pushups in a while and I busted out 46 in a row today before work. This gives me an easy upcoming goal-50 pushups, shouldn't take long.


  1. Hi Jameson,
    Way to bust out forty-six push-ups!! I can do thirty but I am in serious pain for the last five:) Nice picture!! So you know Jameson...I do have a blog and you can visit it:)

  2. Crushin' it on the Half Dome - Sweet!

  3. I'd be in perfect health (and shape) crossing the Boston Marathon finish line in silver and gold short in 6.5 weeks. Oh, guess you didn't ask about me....

    46 pushups? You're the pushup man for sure! I can do 3x15 on a stability ball (for my core) and then I'm done. Oh crap...this isn't about me again!

    Hope your calves are feeing great soon!

  4. Sorry to hear about your calfs...injuries suck!
    Do try and give your body a chance to can then get yourself over to Yosemite and have a blast! Cool pic :)
    Thanks for coming by my blog!


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