Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jameson, Sir!

Vermont's jokes about the weather continued. I drove to work this morning in cold cold rain, and when I came back I was planning on running, but I opted for Toasted Oh's instead (ate a whole box, 2 bowls for breakfast and 2 for lunch.) I decided to finally go for a run at about 3:30 before I went back to the gym for work. I was lazy and wore my glasses because it wont rain...well it did, and wet glasses=blind, so I take my glasses off=blind. (Always wear contacts when running) Point in case I got wet. The picture is roughly how wet I got from running the past 2 days. Actually thats a picture of my dolphin impersonation from a few years back when I jet myself out of a pool. But the point is it was miserable...weather wise. The run was great, I did a 4.5 mile loop and made myself do a huggge hill at about the 3/4 mark. It was probably a half mile or so. The song I WANTED to come on came on during the hill so I crushed it.

That song may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it helps push me for sure. So running quality was actually pretty good in the end, felt good then and I feel good now. I had done deadlifts earlier too so I wasn't sure how my legs/back would hold up. Pretty soon I will be the Desperate Housewives of Vermont's drill seargent. I am going to be doing a bootcamp program Friday afternoons for 6 weeks, if it picks up it will continue. So people had better address me with authority. (Power trip, can't wait!) Tomorrow I wake up and do a spin class before work, and lift after I train someone, then a break and then it's time to work again. 100 pushups here we come!


  1. That picture is hilarious! And Toasted Ohs! are the best. I can't ever find them around here!

  2. Oh Jameson,
    You are so funny!! Not only are you a push-up badass but you do dolphin impersonations:) I love it!

  3. Running is often good when the weather is bad, but enough is enough...
    Great pic! I'm not friends with push-ups! Reminds me of my army days.


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