Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exercise for Love

Apparently some people would like to have more exercises of the week. Previously I chose the donkey calf raise (hillarious, feel free to read back to late January) I was trying to find pictures from a "couples workout" I read about. Sadly I couldn't find the hillarious ones, so I found one with two women instead. If done correctly, the person doing pushups onto a person's knees can give them a kiss when they do a situp. Hillarious right?

I at least imagine that the point of doing something like this is to express love for each other. Maybe I will try to do exercise of the week every tuesday or...just some weeks when I remember. Sidenote-I altered my running gait, aiming for balls of feet, I am in serious pain. This is from running one mile....talk about back tracking in the training. I also picked up another client for personal training at my gym, and submitted an order for a 24" imac for tax free day!! Good day, I think the guarunteed check for training may have inspired me to finally get a new computer (much needed, money doesn't grow on trees)


  1. Maybe an appt. with a chiro or pt now that you have insurance.

  2. That is the craziest thing I've ever heard of! (The love workout.)

    Way to go on your new client - always feels great and boosts confidence!

    Hope you feel better after changing your gait!


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