Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Crush Facts

1. I can't be a vegan mainly because of cheese...but I also eat meat 3-4 times a day. So there are a lot of reasons, but I love cheese, esp. sharp cheddar, CABOT.

2. I have killer dance moves, and I use them constantly to meet the ladies.

3. I am a sleeper in the kitchen. People are surprised at the awesome stuffed shells and baked ziti that I make.

4. Laughter is my life, I like to laugh, often at the misfortune of others.

5. Music is absolutely my life. If I didn't have an IPOD I would freak out, I havent gone more than 4 days without owning one in the past 4 years.

6. I grew up with cats, but can't wait to get an awesome dog. As cute as cats are, they can't go on runs, or play fetch, or play dead.

7. Exercise is a way for me to relax, I can relax by having techno blasted into my head when I'm on a run.

8. I love watching and playing basketball more than any other sport.

9. I'm either really tall, can jump really high, or a medicore combination of both.

10. Dubstep is taking over.


  1. Funny list. I, too, laugh often at the misfortune of others. It always makes the day more enjoyable.

  2. Hi Jameson,
    Thanks for sharing...this was awesome!! Good Lord, you can cook, dance, love laughing and are a fan of basketball:) You must be beating the girls off with sticks!! Sounds like you will be a perfect catch for some lucky young lady:) Have a wonderful Monday!!

  3. I won't tell Simba, Torres and Rocco.

  4. Great list! I don't own an IPOD and I've never run with music although I do love music.

  5. That's why I haven't switched to being a vegan..cheese. I love it. I often laugh at the misfortune of others too.

    You cook too? You must have all the ladies!

    Great list!


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