Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fooled ya

So I turned out to be an April Fools baby, and the point of this post isn't too get bday wishes (but they're allowed.) So I have been the butt end of plenty of April fools jokes, esp since its my bday... empty presents, big presents with small gifts (annoying when your a kid) etc etc... Or the classic, "Hey Jameson, happy birthday have a good day...April fools hope your day sucks!!" Anyways point in case, at one of the gyms I work at I do the closing shift, so whenever other people have birthdays I get to polish off the Ben and Jerry ice cream cakes or finish a few fresh cookies, so my reputation as an eater has grown at my gym. (I'm realllly trying not to eat sweets but I find excuses all the time, like running, lifting, or just being in a mood where I think I deserve it.) So at this said gym people write their birthday's on the calender and then they tend to have food brought in for them, so obviously I did this.... I get into work (20 minutes ago) and I've been having a good day, tons of bday texts, phone calls etc etc...and my boss and this girl are talking about their sugar high. Apparently they had gotten some fancy cake, and so my boss goes, oh well ya know what inspired it actually, and he points at my name on the calender under birthday. He says "Ye, we saw that you played an April fools joke on us so we figured we would get some cake in your honor." WELL the cake gotten in my honor was finished before I got here, so his only response was "April fools" as in we bought you a cake and ate it all. He was convinced it was NOT my birthday, cmon man I filled out a W4 didn't I?? So birthdays are always interesting... So this is a photo from my birthday 3 years ago...horrendous goatee, I weighed 215-220, I dropped down to 175 before putting muscle on which brought me back to around 190. So I can't complain about the positive changes I've made in my life the last couple of years. Below that picture is a semi-recent one of me and my sister. Although I may look a lil goofy (damn you 2 dollar switchbacks) (slash I love you 2 dollar switchbacks) I must say I look a lot better than in the previous picture. If you guys disagree...then yikes I have a problem. Also, my sister and I are super gangster.
M-ILL-E (emily) not a big deal. So to keep this fitness/running related yesterday my client surpassed her 2 week goal by 2.5 pounds, so due to our agreement she got to train me for 15 minutes (otherwise it was tyson squats for her for a lonnng time)...apparently making her do countless squats and step ups, planks, crunches etc etc... has paid off, she learned how to be a trainer...pretty much, she made me do 22 of everything (eve of my 23rd bday) and was even making me drop my knee right down to the floor on my lunges. Today my shoulders are SORE! Which I just don't get, I've been doing cleans, deadlifts and shoulder exercises all the time, but this woman made me do nonstop exercise for 15 minutes, and she made me do things that apparently just ripped my shoulders/traps. Maybe I'm TOO mean of a trainer. All the rows and lat pulldowns hit me deep. So that means I was too sore for my pushups. After work this morning. 8-12, and 5-9, great bday shifts... I decided I wanted to run a fast 3 miles....sooooo nice out! So I did 3 miles in about 22 minutes, or around 7:20 pace, so I was happy. I'm sick of these training runs at 8:40-9 pace. I'm not a super fast person, but I love pushing it for 2-3 miles. Either or, its been a great bday and I like where I am going compared to just a few years age.


  1. Yikes a birthday on April fools must certainly have its moments!! Glad you're having a good one :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Happy to hear that my harassing your mom helped you get your new camera!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jameson, happy 23rd birthday to you!!! I love the picture of you and your sister:) So sweet!! Nice job on your fast run...7:20 pace is in my dreams:) Also, I find it very funny about your client making you do a very challenging workout:) You are young and can totally handle it!! Have a good one Jameson!

  4. I can't say that envy your birthdate. That's almost as bad as being born on Feb 29 or Dec 25.

    Nice way to crank out a super fast 3 miler, though! I can only dream of being that fast!

  5. Sorry, I'm a bit late but I hope you had a wonderful birthday and the year ahead is a great one!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I love to look back and see how things have changed in a year, sounds like you had a great day.

    Now I need some cake.


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