Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Breaking records

Wowza, I am failing hardcore at keeping up with my blog. I have been getting my milage up, which is awesome, and am feeling pretty darn good. I ran the longest run of my life at 13.6 miles on Sunday, my previous record was 13.1 (VCM half last May) So every long training run up until/including the marathon will be a new record breaking run for me! So yes I am breaking records every week or two.
I've also had a big life change. I can't help it I am a believer! Officially converted and preaching. http://www.guenergy.com/ I love gu, it is epic, and the chocolate flavor that tastes like brownie mix, epic. I used gu first for my 10 mile run, and then Sunday for my 13.6 mile run and loved it both times. It is just glorious and I think it does give me energy so I love it, also it tastes like chocolate heaven. So I am excited for the marathon which is coming up ohhh so soon. I also need to work on my beach body. That is me (the male) in Arizona last March (not VT weather.) So sometime soon I need to get a good consistent workout program going, despite running and lifting 5-6 days a week I just feel like I'm not where I want to be. I was lifting 4-5 days/week last year and running 3-4 and just felt great all the time. I think it might be tough that when I'm at my gym working, even after my shift I don't really want to workout there cause well...its my work. Eating the same food isn't the same when you're at work or home, and same with working out. I need to get over this and make myself get on a 3 day consistent set, but no guaruntees. I keep finding myself working out and wandering aimlessly around the gym doing exercises with no meaning or relevance. I constantly have members talking to me and asking questions (when im not getting paid to do so) and despite my warm heart, deep soul and giving hands, sometimes I just want to grunt and throw some weight around... is that so wrong of me? When I wanna crush some fitness I'm gonna go crush, not help somebody decide if they want to take 8:45 spinning or 9:00 Zumba.


  1. I'm not a Gu person myself. Try Cliff shots too just to see how you like them. You will get very inspired at the Boston Marathon on Monday!

  2. Hi Jameson,
    I was starting to get worried about you! I am glad to hear that you are cranking out the miles:) Cheers for chocolate GU!! I wish that it didn't upset my stomach so much because I am the queen of chocolate everything:)

    You are going to have a blast in Boston!!

  3. MMMMMMM. Gu. Chocolate Gu is my fave, but let me tell you, you NEED to try the Mint Chocolate Gu flavor. It only comes out around Christmas time, but if you like mint and chocolate, it's like heaven in your mouth on the run!

    That's what I'm going to miss about training for my first marathon. Every long run was a record. Enjoy it!

  4. Good job on the miles! I use Gu occasionally, but I really like Hammer products because they don't have nearly as much sugar. Enjoy watching Boston.

  5. I love Gu chocolate as well. I'm a big chocolate milk fan so enjoy the Gu taste. Well done with the high miles!

  6. I'm not going to lie.... I'm not a GU fan. The stuff is SOO thick. But, I will choke down the roctane during a race if I have to because I think that it rocks my face off.

    congrats on the new long run PR! They only get more run/rewarding as you go.

  7. You are excellent and nice run huh?Congrats to you..Personally I love gu a lot..hahah..!I like the photo,very nice..Great blog.!

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