Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boston Marathon Spectator Report

Boston Marathon was epic. It was a ton of fun, and my sister did great. She qualified 3 times in what seemed like a week. Every other day was a text or email about her qualifying... again. Either way I am very proud. It was a ton of fun! Here she is with my mother after the race. We had a ton of fun watching and had a great bunch of people around us to cheer with. We would cheer for their friends and vice versa. I was fully decked out in bright colors so there was no way that she could miss me. I stand at 6'3 and was wearing these threads and our friend the Condor is 6'7 and impossible to miss. So we were able to find Emily over the rest of the world. I also had numerous people comment on my outfit. Apparently my hoodie was considered got me on that one. And the yellow sunglasses: it is filled with tonnnnns of epic sunglasses for under $20. But back to the race, so we witnessed a course record in mens elite at 2:05, we saw wheel chair racers finish in the 1:20 range (insane) and saw thousands of people push their way to the finish which we stood just a hundred or so yards away from. It made me really excited for my May marathon, but also really nervous, esp. training wise.... but regardless, congratulations Emily!


  1. I had no idea who your mom and sister where! I read both blogs; now I can see a resemblance. Way cool; wish I had gotten to go to Boston!

  2. I like this post and the pics! We did have a great time! You two were so much fun to spectate with and of course Emily was a blast to cheer for! Loved the way everyone went nuts over your outfit. Who knew you were a fashion icon?

  3. Oh Jameson,
    You are so crazy!! That is one of the things that I like about you!! I just happen to like your is so you. Now those sunglasses remind me of my son's. They look like the sunglasses that the CHIPS coppers used to wear:) I know that you are to flipping young to know about that TV show:) Google it and check it out!

    Congrats to your super star sister!! She is lucky to have a wonderful family supporting her:) It looks like you all had a great time! Take care Jameson!

  4. Fantastic! Great that you can support each other like that. Glad you had such fun. I'm also proud of our South African star Ernst van Dyk for winning the wheelchair race a record ninth time! I see his doing the London marathon this week as well, crazy. Have a great weekend!

  5. that's hilarious, great idea. It's making me think of Miami Vice!

  6. Hahahahahaha. Wow, that entire outfit is ah-mazing.

    Too cool that your sister was able to run the race. From what I hear it is quite the experience.


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