Monday, April 26, 2010


So lately I've been doing my best to crush some peaks in VT. Not many are all that impressive, last Tuesday I did Mt. Hunger with my friend Kat. It is a decently grueling climb. Not rock wall steep, but some difficult parts, i.e. where the snow was still 18 inches deep. I didn't take any pictures of this, maybe because I was wearing old running shoes with no grip and I was more concerned about survival and not breaking my leg (seriously) Whenever I stepped through the snow my foot would become jarreded in between some rocks, or land in a stream I didn't know was there. The top was beautiful, the climb down was equally scary. Snow/ice on rocks=not safe. (duh) The picture of Kat walking on the top doesn't do justice to the amount of snow. Because when we were in the woods, where trees shade the snow from melting, it was brutal. I am getting excited to do a lot of climbing this summer, it is good cross training while I plan banks to rob to buy myself a road bike.

Sunday I dragged my friend's Alaina and Dusty along to go and conquer Camel's Hump. Apparently the trail was ye we saw the sign, but we also saw 19 cars in the parking lot, so we figured it
was one of those, go at your own risk Simba and Nala may eat you. So we get about 2/3 of the way up, and the spokesman forYour Day is Gonna Suck magazine told us the trail was closed and we had to turn around...rats. Well I was wearing the same old shoes that almost killed me on the previous mountain, and we were jussssst getting into the snow, so in the end probably okay. But, I got zero pictures of the epic views from there. Instead I have a picture of Dusty dangerously falling off a cliff, and then Alaina and Dusty mid hike. Notice anything odd about Alaina's hiking attire? "pink" shirt and gucci sunglasses. The mountains of Michigan reallllly prepared her for this journey.


  1. Beautiful pics!!! Sounds like a great time with friends.

  2. Hi Jameson,
    God, I would love to go hiking there someday!! Thank you for posting those gorgeous pictures! Have a good one Jameson:)

  3. Huh, you must be climbing on a volcano. what is that white stuff all over? Ash?


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