Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Name Change

SOOO I think I may change my blog title from Crush til it Hurts to Overtrain til it Hurts, and the title of Everydayiscrushday to Everydayisovertrainday...or undertrain. So In the beginning of my training, I pushed too hard and hurt my foot, made myself wait, recovered and now I may have pushed myself into a hip injury. I'm going to kind of take it easy as instructing a bootcamp and watching my sister run in BOSTON can be. The watching a race will be easy, other I don't know. So the worst part about my darn hip injury (maybe injury) is that it was feeling, okay kind of tight after my 13.6 and then today to enjoy my last day of sun before 8 days of rain I went and hit some golf balls on the driving range (preteens were chipping further than I can drive) so to say the least I suck. Golf isn't for me, who wants to WALK around to all the holes, maybe if running was involved i'd like it more, not who can swing the club the fewest times per hole, but who can get the ball in the whole, the fastest, running with clubs in a competition with others...not dangerous. Sounds fun. So despite my claims of overtraining, I've been undertraining in my pushup challenge. So I'm going to post an old picture of me from the top of Half Dome in 2008 (love using yosemite pictures) Here I am doing a pushup looking down 1000's of feet... crushing, thats what I do...when I train correctly. My form isn't great there, but sorry if I was concentrating on the eagles soaring below me (altitude joke) and not my hips and knees. But regardless, if I injured my hip because of stupid golf. p.s. Good job Phil. then man oh man am I gonna be livid. I will update on my hip status soon. Im 98% sure its tendonitis... which sucks because it means slowing my training down, and then overtraining again....hmmm am I learning my lesson here?? Clearly not.


  1. Ugh...not good.
    But, amazing pic!!

  2. You'll probably like this quote by one of South Africa's ultra/ironman legends, Nick Bester, also known as Nick Iron Hard-As-Nails Bester. "Over training is overstated. Rather rest and sleep better so that you can train even more. I don't believe over training exists."


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