Monday, August 23, 2010

Where has Jameson been?

Holy Crap, it has been so long since I blogged, it is about time I at least ATTEMPT to get back into the swing of things.  I wanted to write another post before three months of no blogging.  So after my marathon I said heck no to exercise, and heck yes to greasy food and adult beverages.  So since I went on my bar binge and eating competitions I fell off the blogosphere.  So I wanted to kind of give an overview of my last 3 months.  Basically I moved out of the motherland, aka BTV and settled in the outskirts.  What this means is that after the bars I can no longer walk home.  What it does mean is I can run home.  So to do that I would go to a local pizza place at about 2:30 AM, carbo load with bbq chicken, and then by 2:45AM I was ready to run home.  As a personal trainer and seasoned runner I know this is the correct way to carbo load.  So I made sure to include pictures of me at the bars.  This is how I roll, making tiger claws/faces.  And then I would jog home in jeans.  Because I am just that smart.  Soon I learned to wear my running shoes TO the bars, what a thinker I am.  So along with running to the bars and carbo loading, I finally have gotten back on top of strength training, something I neglected during marathon training.  Esp. important because in my month of saying "Its okay I just ran a marathon" I'm pretty sure I put on anywhere from 10-20 pounds.  So I soon realized I needed to get back on the exercise train.  As you can see in my jetskiing photo (first time, loved it) I was looking a weeee bit scrawny.  More updates to come soon of training/and as my mom would hope, less of drinking.


  1. Welcome back Jameson! I was starting to wonder what and the hell happened to you:) Good to have you back!


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